Poster of the Week – Fireball XL5 – 10% Off!!!


Fireball XL5 is a science fiction themed children’s television show following the missions of spaceship Fireball XL5, commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol. The show aired for a single 1962-63 series, produced by husband and wife team Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  While developing his new show, Anderson thought a brand of motor oil (Castrol XL) had an interesting sound. A phonetic change created the name “Fireball XL”, with the “5” added as the title seemed a bit flat without the numeral!

The show featured the Andersons’ Supermarionation, a form of puppetry first introduced in Four Feather Falls (1960) and Supercar (1961) and used again in their subsequent productions such as Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and The Secret Service. Thirty-nine black and white half-hour episodes of Fireball XL5 were made on 35mm film: all subsequent Anderson series were produced in colour.

Our tribute poster, Fireball XL5,  is our Featured Poster this week.  You can get this poster this week at 10% Off!  A great gift for any sci-fi, nostalgia, old tv show enthusiast!  Click on the image above for order info.


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Here’s What’s New at My Generation Shop This Week!


We have a handful of new items added to our website this week.  Also, just so you know, the OMG Sale ends tomorrow so be sure to get the items you want on-sale TODAY!!!
Use code: omg30 at checkout.


Here’s what’s new….



Drag Racing poster

1339-1970WorldFinals-700series NHRAWorldFinalsFramed700Series

Music poster

1334-ChuckBerryBitterEnd-700series ChuckBerryBitterEndFramed700Series

Car poster

1348-Bullitt-700series BullittFramed700Series




Note Cards Set (Box of 10 – 5 cards of each design)

All of our note cards are 100% eco friendly and measure 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches.  They are wonderful for letter writing and make the perfect gifts too!



We have a lot more to come…..check back daily as we are consistently adding note cards, posters, and more!


Have a great weekend!

My Generation Shop

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Spring Sale is Happening Now!


Our Spring Sale is going on now and you can load up your shopping cart and get $5.00 off your order now through April 16th!  Use code: springishere at checkout and get $5.00 off your order!  Purchase anything from our Etsy Shop and get a coupon code for 20% off on your next purchase!  A sale is going on now at our
eBay Store too!  So be sure to get the items you want now while our Spring Sale is happening!

There’s a lot new at My Generation Shop this week.  Have a look…


1315-Lions PDC-700series LionsPDRFramed700Series

1316-RiversideRacewayDragRaces1965-700series RiversideRacewayFramed700Series

1320-MarineRoom1939-700series MarineRoomFramed700Series


Note Cards

FoxWreathNCFramed700Series WoodlandBearNCFramed700eries

HelloThereNCFramed700Series IveBeenThinkingAboutYouNCFramed700Series



Don’t forget to take advantage of our Spring Sale today!  Just use code: springishere at checkout and get $5.00 off your order!


That’s about all for this week!  Have a great weekend and please share us with family and friends!

My Generation Shop


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Spring Sale On Now!


My Generation Shop SPRING SALE is on now!  When you purchase from My Generation Shop add the code: springishere at checkout and receive $5.00 off the total of your shopping cart!  That’s amazing!  So, load up your shopping cart and get $5.00 off NOW!  This sale runs through April 2nd so be sure to SHOP NOW!  Put anything in your cart and get $5.00 off!  What a great sale!


We have a Spring Sale also going on at our eBay Store!  All items listed are On Sale now!  Visit My Generation Shop on eBay!


When you shop at our Etsy Shop you will receive a coupon code for 20% off on your next purchase!  There is no time limit on this offer.  Whenever you purchase through Etsy, you will receive a 20% off coupon code printed on your invoice and shipped with your purchase.  Visit My Generation Shop on Etsy!




Featured Poster this week…
527-Batmobile BatmobileFramed700Series


Here’s what’s new this week…

Here are some great new posters!  All of our posters are available in four sizes and are printed on silk poster stock.
1310-BumperCars-700series BumperCarsFramed700Series

1309-Scalextric-700series ScalextricFramed700Series



Note Cards
All of our note cards measure 4 1/4 inchs by 5 1/2 inches, are printed on 80lb enviro card stock and come in a box of 10.  They make wonderful gifts too!
WhalesNCFramed700Series WhalesNCInsideFramed700Series

ShootingStarNCFramed700Series ShootingStarNCInsideFramed700Series



Enjoy the beginning of Spring and have a great weekend!




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Featured Poster of the Week and More…


This week’s featured poster is from our Coasters and Parks category…the Wild One Roller Coaster.

WildOneRollerCoasterFramed700Series 416-WildOneCoaster

This week we are offering 20% off this unique tribute poster for the debut of the “Wild One” roller coaster located at Wild World Amusement Park near Baltimore, Maryland.  (the park is now known as Six Flags America)  The coaster first known as the “Giant Coaster” was built in 1917 and operated at Paragon Park near Boston until the park closed in 1984.  The coaster was purchased and rebuilt at Wild World becoming the Wild One in 1986.  The American Coaster Enthusiasts Roller Coaster Club was invited to the debut of this rebuilt roller coaster in May of 1986 and club members were happy to break it in.  Seen in the poster photographing the train coming over the first drop are ACE members “Coaster Mike” Danshaw and Paul Greenwald.  If you’re a coaster or amusement park enthusiast be sure to get this poster at 20% off THIS WEEK ONLY!


Also this week we have a new poster and a few new note cards!  Have a look…

MikeBurkhartNovaFunnyCarFramed700Series 1291-MikeBurkhartNova-700series

HomeIsWhereverYouAreNCFramed700Series HomeIsWhereverYouAreNCInsideFramed700Series

ImHookedNCFramed700Series ImHookedNCInsideFramed700Series

HappySpringNCFramed700Series HappySpringNCInsideFramed700Series


Be sure to visit our Etsy Shop and with each purchase receive a code for 20% off your next purchase!  Keep an eye on our eBay Store for our next sale later this month.  You can
sign-up for our eBay Store newsletter and you will always be notified of every sale!  Visit either store by clicking on the links below.

Etsy     ebay-store-logo-vector-download



That’s about all this time.  Enjoy your week!

My Generation Shop

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See What’s New This Week at My Generation Shop!



As we round the curve and head into February, we have added a couple of new items to our inventory.  Also, just a reminder that our January Sale is quickly coming to an end so be sure to shop on our website soon to take advantage of this great sale!  But don’t worry because if you miss this sale you can hop on over to our eBay store and get $3.00 off any item all next week!  And if that’s not enough, our Etsy shop offers a 20% off coupon code with every purchase which is good on your next Etsy purchase!  So even though our January Sale is coming to an end, there are still great reasons to shop with My Generation Shop!


See what’s new:

Note Cards
All of our note cards come in a box of 10 with envelopes.  All are available on our website and at our Etsy Shop.

BeautifulBalloonNoteCardsFramed700Series BeautifulBalloonNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series

OwlWreathNoteCardsFramed700Series OwlWreathNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series

MagnoliaGrandifloraNoteCardsFramed700Series MagnoliaGrandifloraNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series


WreathThinkinOfYouNoteCardsFramed700Series WreathThinkingOfYouNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series

HelloNoteCardsFramed700Series HelloNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series



CD’s & DVD’s
Big Sounds of the Drags, Vol. & Vol. 2 now available in this set!  You can still purchase them individually too!  Available on our website and at our eBay store.


New Individual Cards – Available at our Etsy Shop!

These individual cards are all just $3.75 and are available at our Etsy Shop.

HappyValentineElephantCardFramed700Series HappyValentineElephantCardInsideFramed700Series

HappyValentineBearCardFramed700Series HappyValentineBearCardInsideFramed700Series

HappyValentinesDayHeartCardFramed700Series HappyValentinesDayHeartCardInsideFramed700Series

ValentineCoupleCardFramed700Series ValentineCoupleCardInsideFramed700Series

HappyBirthdayBalloonsCardFramed700Series HappyBirthdayBalloonsCardInsideFramed700Series

HappyBirthdayToYouCardFramed700Series HappyBirthdayToYouCardInsideFramed700Series

HappyBirthdayWhimsicalBirdCardFramed700Series HappyBirthdayWhimsicalBirdCardInsideFramed700Series



So you see, lots of new items this past week.  And there’s lots more to come!  Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

My Generation Shop 


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January Sale!  20% Off Cart Contents!  WOW!!!



It’s January, it’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s frigid, it’s post-holiday blues, it’s blah….so CHEER UP!  We’ve got something to warm you up and to chase away those post-holiday blues!  Shop all month long at MY GENERATION SHOP and get 20% off your shopping cart contents!  WOW!  That’s a great sale!  Yep, everything in your shopping cart will be marked down by 20% at check out!  Just use code: January20 on the checkout page.  Simple!

We do all of our shipping every Wednesday so take advantage of our JANUARY SALE now!

Remember to visit our Etsy store and our eBay store.  When you purchase through our Etsy store you will receive a 20% off coupon on your next purchase.  Our eBay store is always running great sales so check that out as well to see the current promotion.


Have a great weekend and a great week!

My Generation Shop



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My Generation – See What’s New This Week!


The My Generation Elves have been busy creating new inventory!  Here’s a sampling of what’s new…..

FatsDominoFramed700Series  1201-FatsDomino-700series







PenguinHotelFramed700Series  1202-PenguinHotel-700series








CoxChampionshipSlotCarFramed700Series  1211-CoxChampionshopWinningSlotCars-700series










Note Cards
WhimsicalBirdCardsFramed700Series  WhimsicalBirdCardsInsideFramed700Series










My Generation also has stores on eBay and Etsy!  We invite you to visit and shop there as well!  Just click on the logo to take you there.  When you purchase from our Etsy store you’ll receive a 20% off coupon code on your next order!











Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual Christmas Special over at Treasure Island Oldies!  It’s a one of a kind show!  Host Michael Godin spins the holiday tunes “live” on Sunday, December 18.  Click on the Treasure Island Oldies logo to visit their website and see all that’s going on during the holidays.  See you on the island!


Don’t forget our Holiday Sale is on NOW!  Get 10% off your purchases by using code: holidays at checkout!


That’s about all for this time.  Have a great week!


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Get Your Holiday Cards Here!  Lots To Choose From!


We have lots of holiday cards to choose from this season.  So many wonderful designs and perfect to send to family, friends and co-workers this holiday season.  All of our cards come in a box of 10 with envelopes and measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.  Cards are printed on recycled enviro card stock.  Have a look…


Fun Holiday Cards
image  image







SantaIsComingSeasonalFramed700Series  FaLaLaLaLaNotes700Series







HappyHolidayElfFramed700Series  RedNoseReindeerNotesFramed700Series







ReindeerNamesNotesFramed700Series  ReindeerNamesOrnamentsNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidayElfShoesFramed700Series  JingleAllTheWayNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidaysPenguinNotesFramed700Series  HappyHolidayOrnamentNotesFramed700Series







Let It SnowCardFramed700Series  HappyHolidaySanta700Series







BabyItsColdOutsideNotesFramed700Series  SnowSnowSnowNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidaysStockingsNotesFramed700Series  HappyHOlidaysCatNotesFramed700Series












Vintage Style Seasonal Cards
RetroOrnamentCardsFrame700Series  HoHoHoCardsFramed700Series







image  HolidayShoppingCardsFramed700Series







ChristmasCocktailsCardsFramed700Series  TisTheSeasonCardsFramed700Series
















SantaDanceCardsFramed700Series  ChristmasMagicNotesFramed700Series











Traditional Style Holiday Cards
HangingOrnamentsFramed700Series  MerryLittleChristmasCardFramed700Series







MerryAndBrightSeasonalFramed700Series  BelieveSeasonalFramed700Series







LittleBirdNotesFramed700Series  GloriaNotesFramed700Series







MerryChristmasTreesNotesFramed700Series  HolidayStockingGifts700Series


















It’s not too early to stock up on your holiday greeting cards!  And we’ll have them delivered right to your door!  One less holiday errand you’ll need to run.
Ordering from My Generation Shop is easy and fast.  You can order online through our checkout page or call us at 519-621-0007 to place your order over the phone.  We’ll be sure you get a painless ordering experience!

If you have any questions about our holiday cards or anything on our website, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll respond to you right away.

Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of upcoming sales and events.  We’d love to add you to our list!


My Generation Shop, Inc.



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My Generation Shop – Posters!  Note Cards! Summer Sale!  Woo-Hoo!!!


First off, just a reminder that our Summer Sale is in full swing.  Get 50% off the contents of your shopping cart now through July 30th!  Stock up on great gifts at these low prices while you can!  Just use code: summer50 at checkout!


With Canada Day and the 4th of July holidays behind us, My Generation Shop has been super busy creating more posters and note cards.  Our new note cards have become really popular and boxes of note cards are selling fast!  But don’t worry, we’re always creating more!  Have a look at what’s new…



1008-RetroSpecs-700series     RetroSpecsFramed700Series





1005-ModSquad-700series  ModSquadFramed700Series






1001-CarCraftDreamRod-700series  CarCraftDreamRodFramed700Series






997-OldKeys-700series  OldKeysFramed700Series

































Note Cards

RetroSPecsNotesFramed700Series  ElephantNotesFramed700Series



















RedBrdNotesFramed700Series  BirdsOnTheRocksNotesFramed700Series






NeonThankYouNotesFramed700Series  VintageChristmasNotesFramed700Series

























Treasure Island Oldies

Join us every Sunday night on the Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show!  Host Michael Godin, plays all the lost treasures of the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s.  Great music you just don’t hear on the radio anymore.  Its a fun 4 hours of music.  You can visit the Treasure Island Oldies website and join in the chat room while you listen.  You can also listen to the Top 5 Countdown from each week’s show anytime you want! Read the Rock & Roll News podcast and so much more.  There’s lots going on!  Visit their website by clicking on the logo above.  You can listen to the “live” shows on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern time) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific time).  As a proud sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies, we invite you to join us each week!  See you on the “Island”!!!



That’s about all this time.  Remember to stock up on gifts with our SUMMER SALE!  Get 50% Off the contents of your shopping cart NOW thru July 30th!  WOW!!!


Have a great week and please share our website with family, friends, and co-workers.


My Generation Shop



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My Generation Shop – Happy Canada Day & Happy 4th of July!



My Generation Shop wishes all our Canadian friends a very Happy Canada Day weekend and to all of our American friends – Happy 4th of July!fireworks-animated




Summer Sale!
Just a reminder that our big Summer Sale is still going on until July 30!  Get 50% off the contents of your shopping cart!  Just use code: summer 50 at checkout.  Get the perfect gift or outfit your home or office with great posters!  It’s easy at 50% off!  Stock up now!


New Posters
We have added a few new posters this week.  Many more to come.  Have a look…
985-BarberShopPoles-700series  BarberShopPolesFramed700Series






Barber Shop Poles poster

986-Fireball500-700series  Fireball500Framed700Series






Fireball 500 Movie poster

987-ZigZag-700series  ZigZagFramed700Series






Zig Zag poster

988-Slinky-700series  SlinkyArtFramed700Series






Slinky Art poster

989-Turtle-700series  TurtleFramed700Series






Turtle Little Ones poster








1955 Ford Crown Victoria poster









Monkey Little Ones poster










Shades poster




Treasure Island Oldies



We hope everyone enjoyed the Summer Beach Party last Sunday on Treasure Island Oldies radio show. Host Michael Godin played lots of great summer songs that really brought back the memories. Be sure to join Michael tomorrow night for the Music of Canada Special.  He’ll play songs by Canadian songwriters, singers and groups that made an impression regionally, nationally and internationally.  It’ll be a great show that’s for sure!  There are lots of other things going on during the 4 hour “live” radio show – Voice Your Choice lets you vote for selected tunes each week.  This week it’s Paul Anka – (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings or It’s Time To Cry.  The winner will be played during the show.  Fun!  When you visit the website, you can also check out each week’s Rock and Roll News Podcast and also listen to each week’s Top 5 Countdown.  So much going on and so much fun!   My Generation Shop proudly sponsors Treasure Island Oldies and we invite you to visit the Island and tune in Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern time) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific time).  See you on the Island!


That’s about all for this week.  Enjoy the holiday weekend and have a great week!  Please share us with family, friends and co-workers!

My Generation Shop, Inc.

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