It’s October!  Here’s What’s New….


Can you believe we’re into the month of October?  And here in Canada it is the Thanksgiving weekend so Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends and customers!


Remember that our Fall Sale is still going on…..just use code: fall20 at checkout to receive 20% off the contents of your shopping cart!  In addition to that, shipping is FREE to U.S. addresses whether you shop on our website, our Etsy Shop or our eBay Store!  So now is a great time to get a head start on your holiday shopping!
Visit My Generation Shop, our Etsy Shop, or our eBay Store and get FREE SHIPPING!!!
Here’s what’s new at My Generation Shop…….
OutOfSight-Framed700 BeachBlanketBingo-Framed700

BeachBall-Framed700 Choice-Vend-Framed700



New Little Ones prints available at our Etsy Shop….
BearyLovelyDayLittleOnesFramed700Series OhHappyDayLittleOnesFramed700Series ThinkHappyThoughtsLittleOnesFramed700Series

We hope everyone has a great month of October!  Enjoy the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday and be sure to share My Generation Shop with family, friends and co-workers!

Happy Shopping!

My Generation Shop




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Sales, Sales & More Sales!


We have some fun stuff added to our website this week.  All of our posters are also available on our website, our Etsy Shop and our eBay Store!  All of our note cards can be purchased on our website and from our Etsy Shop.


When you purchase from our Etsy Shop you will receive a coupon code for 20% off your next purchase!  Shipping is FREE this week for all of our customers in the USA when you purchase through our
Etsy Shop!

Our eBay Store is running a $2 Off sale now through the end of the month.

Just in time for Father’s Day and that special gift for Dad is our Father’s Day Sale on our website!  Now through June 10th enter code: fd10 and get 10% off the contents of your shopping cart!

Also, to celebrate our good friend Michael Godin’s 20th Anniversary of Treasure Island Oldies internet oldies radio show, we have a special for our newsletter subscribers!  Sign-up to receive our newsletter and you will receive a special code for 50% off of items on our website!  But you need to sign-up for our newsletter which you can do from any page of our website. Sign-up now and get 50% off your order! (can’t be used with other discounts)

WOW!!! That’s-A- LOTTA sales!!! Hurry and shop now as they won’t last forever!


Here’s what’s new….


1354-CityTaxi-700series CityTaxiFramed700Series

1359-MidwayHauntedHouse-700series MidwayHauntedHouseFramed700Series


1360-BarriePooleBorderBandit-700series BarriePooleBorderBanditTributeFramed700Series

1361-TamiShow1964-700series TamisShow1964Framed700Series




Note Cards

BeHappyNCFramed700Series BeHappyNCInsideFramed700Series

JustANoteSayHelloFramed700Series JustANoteToSayHelloNCInsideFramed700Series

HelloHowAreYouNCFramed700Series HelloHowAreYouNCInsideFramed700Series

JustForYouNCFramed700Series JustForYouNCInsideFramed700Series




That’s about all for this week.  Have a great week and Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian friends!


My Generation Shop



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Happy Easter From My Generation Shop!


Happy Easter everyone!  To celebrate the Easter holiday, My Generation Shop has a great offer this week.  Our two newest note cards are 50% off this week only!  It’s a great offer and our note cards make the perfect gift for just about anyone!  Just click on the images to see more and to purchase.

SuchAComfortNCFramed700Series SuchAComfortNCInsideFramed700Series

IMissYouNCFramed700Series IMIssYouNCInsideFramed700Series


We have a couple of brand new poster just added this week…

1338-AmericanModelCarRacingCongree-700series AmericanModelCarRacingCongressFramed700Series

1335-SnakeVSMongoose-700series SnakeVSMongooseFramed700Series


Our select drag racing posters are still on-sale through the end of the month.  Be sure to get in on this one as you can collect the whole set of 7 drag racing posters for a great price!

633-DickLandyFram FramDIckLandy633Framed700Series

619-DonPrudhommeFram FramDonPrudhommeFramed700Series

1237-FramBillJenkins-700series FramBillJenkinsFramed700Series

632-TommyIvoFram FramTommyIvoFramed700Series

618-Sox&MartinFram FramSox&MartinFramed700Series

1238-FramHawaiian-700series FramHawaiianFramed700Series


You can also get these select posters at our eBay Store.

And when  you shop at our Etsy Shop you’ll receive a 20% off coupon code for your next purchase!


We wish everyone a wonderful Easter and a great week!



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Feature Poster On-Sale, New Posters Added, Etsy and eBay Sales!


This week My Generation Shop is featuring our Crystal Beach in the 1940’s poster.  This is a great nostalgic poster from a wonderful era at Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada.  Check it out and get this poster NOW at 20% Off!

CrystalBeach1940sFramed700 588-CrystalBeach1940s


We have several new posters now available on our website, at our Etsy Shop and our eBay Store.  Music, Slot Cars, Drag Racing, and Surfing sports. Have a look…

YorkvilleSummerOfLoveFramed700Series 1281-YorkvilleSummerOfLove-700series

ModelCarRacing1965Framed700Series 1283-ModelCarRacing1965-700series

EJPotterFramed700Series 1284-EJPotter-700series

BambooReefSurfShop65Framed700Series 1285-BambooReefSurfShop-700series

RockyMountainFunyCarsFramed700Series 1282-RockyMountainFunnyCars-700series


There is a SALE going on over at our eBay Store – get $3.00 off regular retail price on EVERYTHING!!!  What a sale! WOW!  Can’t go wrong with that!!!  Visit our eBay Store today!


Purchase anything through our Etsy Shop and receive a coupon code for 20% off on your next purchase!  WOW!  Another great perk from My Generation Shop!  Visit our Etsy Shop and see all of our posters, note cards, DVDs, CDs and individual cards!


That’s about all for this week.  Please share our shopping sites with family, friends and co-workers!


My Generation Shop




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Happy February!


Happy February!  We’re getting closer to Spring!  Yay!  See what’s new at My Generation Shop this week….


Our featured poster this week is Rin Tin Tin!  Rin Tin Tin was a wonderful TV show from the 1950s.  A great nostalgia poster!





El Mirage Dry Lake


Three Dog Night
Three Dog Night


Individual Valentine’s Cards!
We now have several individual Valentine’s Day cards available for purchase at our Etsy shop!  Visit our Etsy shop and you’ll receive a 20% off coupon on each purchase good for your next order!  Here are just a few of the cards…
OurLoveIsWrittenCardFramed700Series OurLoveIsWrittenCardInsideFramed700Series

YourAreMyLuckyStarCardFramed700Series YouAreMyLuckyStarCardInsideFramed700Series

YourRockMyWorldCardFramed700Series YouRockMyWorldCardInsideFramed700Series


You can also shop at our eBay store!  Right now there is a sale going on – $3.00 off original price on everything!  But act quick – the sale ends Sunday!


That’s about all for this time.  Have a great week and be sure to share My Generation Shop with family and friends!


My Generation Shop



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Just A Few More Days Left On Our Holiday Sale!  See What’s New & Get 10% Off!


There are just a few more days left to get 10% off your purchase!  Shop now and use code: holidays at checkout to receive 10% off your purchases! Our Holiday Sale ends at midnight on December 30 so hurry and get your purchases today!

We have a few new items to share with you.  Have a look…


1229-EldonSlotCarDragStrip-700series  EldonSlotCarDragStripFramed700Series

1234-Aurora4LaneSlotCarSet1966-700series  Aurora4LaneSlotCarSetFramed700Series

1239-PattyDuke-700series  PattyDukeFramed700Series

1238-FramHawaiian-700series  FramHawaiianFramed700Series

1237-FramBillJenkins-700series  FramBillJenkinsFramed700Series


Video of the Week

Our video of the Week is a wonderful video of Allan Sherman and the Great Hello Muddah. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to visit our other stores on Etsy and eBay!

Etsy                   ebay-store-logo-vector-download



We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we wish all of our customers a very Happy New Year!

My Generation Shop

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My Generation Video of the Week – James Brown!


Rev up your Saturday with this “funky” sound of James Brown “Out Of Sight”!


Get our James Brown poster on-sale this week only!  Click on the image for more info….











New Posters This Week!
(click on images for more info and/or to purchase)

1191-BigT-700series  BigTFramed700Series







1192-BikiniBeach-700series  BikiniBeachFramed700Series







1193-AMT HereTheyCome-700series  AMTHereTheyComeFramed700Series










Holiday Cards – Get Your Holiday Cards NOW!
Our holiday cards come in a box of 10 with the envelopes!  These fun, whimsical and nostalgic cards are perfect for sending your holiday greetings to family and friends.  Browse through our Holidays Section – many cards are On-Sale!  Here are just a few….
MerryChristmasSnowHolidayCardFramed700Series  MerryChristmasHoHoHoInsideFramed700Series







PolarBearHolidayCardFramed700Series  PolarBearHolidayCardInsideFramed700Series







HappyHolidayOwlFramed700Series  HappyHolidayOwlInsideFramed700Series







MerryHolidaysCardFramed700Series  MerryHolidaysCardInsideFramed700Series







RedNoseReindeerNotesFramed700Series  HolidayCardInsideEmilyFramed700Series







HolidayShoppingCardsFramed700Series  HolidayShoppingCardsInsideFramed700Series











Be sure to tune in to Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show, the home of lost treasures!  You can hear the “live” 4 hour show on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific).  Host Michael Godin broadcasts a wonderful show full of great oldies and lost treasures.  Visit their website to see all that is going on each week.  Just click on the logo above to go there.  As proud sponsors of Treasure Island Oldies, we invite you to join us every Sunday night!  See you on the island!




That’s about it for this time.  Have a great week and visit us often – there is always something new!


My Generation


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New Note Cards, Seasonal Cards & New Little Ones Posters This Week!


We’ve discovered so many of the visitors to our website are looking at our selection of unique note cards and seasonal cards.  We love the note cards and they are truly unique and those on the receiving end are loving them too!  All of our cards are 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches, printed on enviro card stock, come with envelopes and are sold in a boxed set of 10.  They make wonderful gifts too!  Have a look at what’s new this week…

TypewriterNotesNoteCardsFramed700Series FlowerDotNotesFramed700Series
















MerryLittleChristmasCardFramed700Series MerryLittleChristmasCardInsideFramed700Series









We also have a few new Little Ones poster prints which are just adorable and we love them!  They will look fabulous framed in your child’s room or nursery.  As always, our Little Ones prints make wonderful gifts!  Here’s what’s new this week…


1103-ThreeCoolMice-700series ThreeCoolMiceFramed700Series







1107-Caterpiller-700series FriendlyCaterpillerFra,ed700Series







1109-ColorfulCrayons-700series ColorfulCrayonsFramed700Series














Check our Blog often as we will be showcasing new items as they hit the website!  Thanks again for being a valued customer and visitor to My Generation Shop.  We truly appreciate your business!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



My Generation Shop






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My Generation Shop – New Posters…New Prices…YAY!


Our work tables are piled high with creative ideas, poster trimmings, packaging and shipping materials and lots of new items ready to be added to our inventory!  We have been super busy and we love it!  We also love that you, our customers keep coming back for more!  You’ll be happy to see the new lower prices throughout our website!  We are constantly adding new items like posters, note cards, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, etc. so keep visiting!  Read on to see what’s new this week…


1099-TigerInYourTank-700series    TigerInYourTankFramed700Series





1100-ChiTownHustler-700series  ChiTownHustlerFramed700Series





1101-SaubleBeachPavilion-700series  SaubeBeachPavilionFramed700Series





1098-VenturesT-BucketHotrod-700series  VenturesTBucketHotRodFramed700Series















Little Ones Prints
1095-CatsLittleOnes-700series  CatLittleOnesFramed700Series





1096-DogsLittleOnes -700series  DogLittleOnesFramed700Series





1097-HappyLittleOnes-700series  HappyLittleOnesFramed700Series















DaddyCoolAircheckFramed700Series  MarsdenHighAircheckFramed700Series











Treasure Island Oldies


As the proud sponsors of Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show, we invite you to join us every Sunday night starting at 9:00 pm (Est) and 6:00 pm (Pac) for 4 hours of fun oldies music and long lost treasures.  Host Michael Godin plays all the hits and more from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.  It’s a super fun evening full of great tunes.  You can also join in the chat room and chat with others while listening to the show.  Be sure to catch the Labour Day Back To School special coming up on Sunday, September 4th.  Michael will be playing some great old tunes like “Workin’ In a Coal Mine”, “See You In September”, “Be True To Your School” and lots of others having to do with work and school.  So much fun!  Just click on the Treasure Island Oldies logo above to visit their website and see all that’s going on.  You’ll love it!  See you on the island!





My Generation Moment In Time
“Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” by The Temptations was released on this day in 1966.




That’s all for this time.  Please remember to share us with family, friends and co-workers.  Have a great week!


My Generation Shop













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My Generation Shop – Posters!  Note Cards! Summer Sale!  Woo-Hoo!!!


First off, just a reminder that our Summer Sale is in full swing.  Get 50% off the contents of your shopping cart now through July 30th!  Stock up on great gifts at these low prices while you can!  Just use code: summer50 at checkout!


With Canada Day and the 4th of July holidays behind us, My Generation Shop has been super busy creating more posters and note cards.  Our new note cards have become really popular and boxes of note cards are selling fast!  But don’t worry, we’re always creating more!  Have a look at what’s new…



1008-RetroSpecs-700series     RetroSpecsFramed700Series





1005-ModSquad-700series  ModSquadFramed700Series






1001-CarCraftDreamRod-700series  CarCraftDreamRodFramed700Series






997-OldKeys-700series  OldKeysFramed700Series

































Note Cards

RetroSPecsNotesFramed700Series  ElephantNotesFramed700Series



















RedBrdNotesFramed700Series  BirdsOnTheRocksNotesFramed700Series






NeonThankYouNotesFramed700Series  VintageChristmasNotesFramed700Series

























Treasure Island Oldies

Join us every Sunday night on the Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show!  Host Michael Godin, plays all the lost treasures of the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s.  Great music you just don’t hear on the radio anymore.  Its a fun 4 hours of music.  You can visit the Treasure Island Oldies website and join in the chat room while you listen.  You can also listen to the Top 5 Countdown from each week’s show anytime you want! Read the Rock & Roll News podcast and so much more.  There’s lots going on!  Visit their website by clicking on the logo above.  You can listen to the “live” shows on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern time) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific time).  As a proud sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies, we invite you to join us each week!  See you on the “Island”!!!



That’s about all this time.  Remember to stock up on gifts with our SUMMER SALE!  Get 50% Off the contents of your shopping cart NOW thru July 30th!  WOW!!!


Have a great week and please share our website with family, friends, and co-workers.


My Generation Shop



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My Generation Shop – Lots of New Posters & We Have A Winner!



The folks in the poster workshop have been very creative this past week and we have an amazing selection of new posters now available on our website!  We also have a winner of the Chuck Berry poster!  Have a look…..


Chuck Berry Poster Winner!
750ChuckBerry-700series   ChuckBerryFramed700

Since everyone will want to know, we’ll start off with our Chuck Berry poster winner – Raymond Yuhasz of Huber Heights, Ohio correctly named a Chuck Berry tune played on last week’s Treasure Island Oldies radio show.  Raymond identified “You Always Can Tell” and won the fabulous Chuck Berry poster!  Congratulations, Raymond!  You don’t have to be a winner to get this poster!  It’s available on our website.  Just click on either image to purchase!



New Posters

image   SonfOFTheWeekFramed700Series

Song of The Week poster

971-AlarmClock-700series   AlarmClockFramed700Series

Vintage Alarm Clock poster

image   WildOnesShowCarsFramed700Series

Wild Ones Show Cars poster

image   PlymouthRoadRunnerSuperbirdFramed700Series

Plymouth Road Runner Superbird poster

974-OneWay-700series   OneWayFramed700Series

One Way poster

975-Lupines-700series   LupinesFramed700Series

Lupines poster

977-AbstractCircles-700series   AbstractCirclesFramed700Series

Abstract Circles poster

978-SpoolsOfThread-700series   SpoolsOfThreadFramed700Series

Spools of Thread poster

976-FlowerGirl&Cat-700series   FlowerGirl&CatFramed700Series

Flower, Girl & Cat poster

979-VWbuses-700series   VWBusesFrames700Series

Volkswagen Bus poster

980-RedIndianGasStation-700series   RedIndianGasStationFramed700Series

Red Indian Gas Station poster


This Week’s Sale Poster
883-FrankSinatra-700series  FrankSinatraFrameDisplay700Series

This week, in 1966, parents were delighted to find out that Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night” overtook The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” as the best selling single in the U.S.  So, in honor of that accomplishment, our Frank Sinatra poster is 50% off this week only!  Get your copy of this poster NOW while supplies last!


Treasure Island Oldies
Join host Michael Godin Sunday, June 19th at Treasure Island Oldies radio show as he celebrate “Dads” around the globe with the Treasure Island Oldies Father’s Day Special.  Michael will be playing all tunes about Dad.  It’s a fun special and one you won’t want to miss.  Tune in at 9:00 pm eastern time, 6:00 pm pacific time for the live 4 hour radio show.  As proud sponsors of Treasure Island Oldies, the home of lost treasures, we encourage you to check it out.  Lots of fun music and good times!  See you on the island!


That’s about all for this time.  We wish all dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!  Have a great week and please share us with family, friends and co-workers!


My Generation Shop


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