Our Newest Note Cards – Now Available in Box Sets of 10 or Individually!


Our newest note cards are now available in box sets of 10 cards or individually.  With envelopes of course!  These newest cards cater to pets, new homes and letter writing note cards!  We have lots of note cards great for just about any occasion.  All of our cards make wonderful gifts too!  Click on the image below to see all that we have available at My Generation Shop!


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Sales, Sales & More Sales!


We have some fun stuff added to our website this week.  All of our posters are also available on our website, our Etsy Shop and our eBay Store!  All of our note cards can be purchased on our website and from our Etsy Shop.


When you purchase from our Etsy Shop you will receive a coupon code for 20% off your next purchase!  Shipping is FREE this week for all of our customers in the USA when you purchase through our
Etsy Shop!

Our eBay Store is running a $2 Off sale now through the end of the month.

Just in time for Father’s Day and that special gift for Dad is our Father’s Day Sale on our website!  Now through June 10th enter code: fd10 and get 10% off the contents of your shopping cart!

Also, to celebrate our good friend Michael Godin’s 20th Anniversary of Treasure Island Oldies internet oldies radio show, we have a special for our newsletter subscribers!  Sign-up to receive our newsletter and you will receive a special code for 50% off of items on our website!  But you need to sign-up for our newsletter which you can do from any page of our website. Sign-up now and get 50% off your order! (can’t be used with other discounts)

WOW!!! That’s-A- LOTTA sales!!! Hurry and shop now as they won’t last forever!


Here’s what’s new….


1354-CityTaxi-700series CityTaxiFramed700Series

1359-MidwayHauntedHouse-700series MidwayHauntedHouseFramed700Series


1360-BarriePooleBorderBandit-700series BarriePooleBorderBanditTributeFramed700Series

1361-TamiShow1964-700series TamisShow1964Framed700Series




Note Cards

BeHappyNCFramed700Series BeHappyNCInsideFramed700Series

JustANoteSayHelloFramed700Series JustANoteToSayHelloNCInsideFramed700Series

HelloHowAreYouNCFramed700Series HelloHowAreYouNCInsideFramed700Series

JustForYouNCFramed700Series JustForYouNCInsideFramed700Series




That’s about all for this week.  Have a great week and Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian friends!


My Generation Shop



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Featured Poster of the Week and More…


This week’s featured poster is from our Coasters and Parks category…the Wild One Roller Coaster.

WildOneRollerCoasterFramed700Series 416-WildOneCoaster

This week we are offering 20% off this unique tribute poster for the debut of the “Wild One” roller coaster located at Wild World Amusement Park near Baltimore, Maryland.  (the park is now known as Six Flags America)  The coaster first known as the “Giant Coaster” was built in 1917 and operated at Paragon Park near Boston until the park closed in 1984.  The coaster was purchased and rebuilt at Wild World becoming the Wild One in 1986.  The American Coaster Enthusiasts Roller Coaster Club was invited to the debut of this rebuilt roller coaster in May of 1986 and club members were happy to break it in.  Seen in the poster photographing the train coming over the first drop are ACE members “Coaster Mike” Danshaw and Paul Greenwald.  If you’re a coaster or amusement park enthusiast be sure to get this poster at 20% off THIS WEEK ONLY!


Also this week we have a new poster and a few new note cards!  Have a look…

MikeBurkhartNovaFunnyCarFramed700Series 1291-MikeBurkhartNova-700series

HomeIsWhereverYouAreNCFramed700Series HomeIsWhereverYouAreNCInsideFramed700Series

ImHookedNCFramed700Series ImHookedNCInsideFramed700Series

HappySpringNCFramed700Series HappySpringNCInsideFramed700Series


Be sure to visit our Etsy Shop and with each purchase receive a code for 20% off your next purchase!  Keep an eye on our eBay Store for our next sale later this month.  You can
sign-up for our eBay Store newsletter and you will always be notified of every sale!  Visit either store by clicking on the links below.

Etsy     ebay-store-logo-vector-download



That’s about all this time.  Enjoy your week!

My Generation Shop

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My Generation Shop – Note Cards & Little Ones Prints! Make Great Gifts!


This week we have several new note cards and Little Ones prints that we’ve added to the website.  They all make wonderful gifts!  Have a look…


Little Ones Prints









WoodlandBearSweaterFramed700Series  1214-WoodlandBearInSweater-700series







WoodlandBunnyTouqueFramed700Series  1215-WoodlandBunnyWithTouque-700series







BearBunnyTricycleFramed700Series  1217-BearBunnyTricycle-700series







FoxWreathFramed700Series  1218-FoxWreath-700series







YummyFramed700Series  1219-Yummy-700series










Note Card Set

This set of note cards has two of each design in the set.  Very nice cards!

FruitNoteCardsPineappleFramed700Series  FruitNoteCardsLemonsFramed700Series







FruitNoteCardsMandarinFramed700Series  FruitNoteCardsLicheeFramed700Series
















Other Note Cards
These note cards each come in a box of 10 with envelopes and are blank inside.
BassNotesFramed700Series  GuitarsGaloreNoteCardsFramed700Series







WhispyNoteCardsFramed700Series  BluePinkFlowersNoteCardsFramed700Series
















Remember – our Holiday Sale is still in full swing on our website.  Just use code:holidays at checkout to receive 10% off your purchases!  There’s still time to get gifts and stocking stuffers.  We can ship in time for the holidays until December 20th!


For your convenience and more shopping options, we now have stores on Etsy and eBay.  Just click on either image to visit these stores.  When you purchase from our Etsy store you’ll receive a 20% coupon code for your next purchase!

Etsy     ebay-store-logo-vector-download



That’s about all for this week.  Hope the upcoming week is good and fun for all!


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Otis Redding Live at The Monterey Pop Festival – Our “My Generation” Video of The Week!



This week we thought we’d go back to 1967 and the Monterey Pop Festival for our Video of The Week!  Here’s a look at Otis Redding singing “Shake”.  A great video!

Have a look at our Otis Redding poster.  Purchase before the end of the month and get 10% off!  Just click on the image to purchase.  Use code: october10 at checkout.









New This Week
All of our note cards are printed on recycled enviro card stock and come in a box of 10 with envelopes!

ItsWhatSunflowersDoNoteCardsFramed700Series  KeepMeInYourHeartNoteCardsFramed700Series







FallWreathNoteCardsFramed700Series  CoffeeBreakNoteCardsFramed700Series








Seasonal Cards
All seasonal cards are on-sale through the end of the month!  Just click on the image to see inside greeting and for more info.  As with our note cards, all seasonal cards are printed on recycled enviro card stock.
WhiteTreeRedOrnamentsCardFramed700Series  MerryChristmasCardsFramed700Series


















Treasure Island Oldies
TIO_email_signature_final_logo_versionIf you haven’t tuned in to Treasure Island Oldies yet you really need to check out this wonderful internet radio show.  Host Michael Godin brings it to you “live” from Surrey, British Columbia every Sunday night from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific).  Michael is preparing for the annual Halloween Spooktacular Special coming up on Sunday, October 30.  Be sure to visit the Treasure Island Oldies website for all kinds of neat stuff.  Just click on the logo to take you there.  As proud sponsors of Treasure Island Oldies we hope to see you on the island!


That’s about all for this time.  Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


My Generation


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My Generation – Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Easter!  To celebrate Easter here at My Generation, please take 10% off your order now through April 1st!  Just use the code: happyeaster10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order!  Happy Easter from My Generation!

We have lots of new things to show you this week.  Some new posters, new note cards and lots of new Little Ones posters.  Have a look…

image  810-MohawkDragStrip1967-700series



Note Cards
We are offering a new series of sports related note cards.  Most teams are available.  More to be added soon!
815nc-CincinnatiBengalsNoteCards-700series  814nc-BuffaloBillsNoteCards-700series

Miscellaneous and Seasonal Note Cards

811nc-ThinkingOfYouNoteCards-700series  808nc-HappyHolidaysSnowmenNoteCard-700series


Little Ones Posters
812-HappyPandas-700series  807-SpringtimeOwls-700series

804-Eyeballs-700series  803-CoutningSheep-700series

802-AnimalSquares-700series  image

image  800-PolarBear-700series


CDs & Radio Air Checks
We have some wonderful music CDs and radio air checks available on our website.  Have a look:

011CD-AlanFreedRock&RollShow   012CD-Swingin'OnTheStrip

007CD-1050CHUMBrianSkinner 006CD-1050CHUMJackArmstrong

002MP3-CKLW24HrAircheck   001MP3-CKLW12HRAircheck

005CD-BeatlesLiveInTokyo  004CD-BeatlesLiveinVancouver


Treasure Island Oldies
Remember to listen to Treasure Island Oldies Live on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm eastern (6:00 pm pacific).  The popular special, “The One Hit Wonders” will be live on Sunday, April 3rd.  It’s amazing how many big hits there were but with only a one-time appearance by the artist or group on the charts.  Listen on Sunday, April 3rd to the One Hit Wonders special and see how many of the hits you remember!  My Generation Shop proudly sponsors Treasure Island Oldies.  We love it and we know you will love it too!


That’s it for this week.  We wish everyone a very Happy Easter and a great week ahead.


My Generation Shop, Inc.




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My Generation – Lots of New Inventory!


Hello Everyone!

We hope everyone enjoys this Valentine’s Day Weekend!  You can still take advantage of the 20% off sale by ordering today and using code: sweetheart20 at checkout.  It’s My Generation’s way of saying thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our customers!

We have lots of new inventory this week.  Have a look and for more information or to purchase, just click on the image.


New Posters
718-BAoil1947Poster-700series 720-ButterflySayings-700series 721-LOneRanger&Tonto-700series

722-Projector-700series 723-RaceCar-700series 724-DashBoardGauges-700series

725-VintageMicrophones-700series 726-WallOfViolins-700series 727-ToyRaceCar-700series

728-ElvisPresleyJailhouseRock-700series 716-Vinyl-700series 714-Mash-700series

717-AHRAdragracordcertificate1965-700series 713-Gumby&Pokey-700series 712-BookWall-700series




New Note Cards


We have so much more to add to our website so please visit often and share our site with family and friends!  My Generation, Inc. is a walk down memory land for many customers.  We hope that you find something here that brings back fond memories!


That’s about all for this time.  Have a great week!


My Generation, Inc.


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My Generation – New Posters! New Note Cards! New DVD!

It’s the middle of January and it feels like the middle of January, at least here in Ontario!  My Generation has been busy adding new inventory to the website and we thought you would like to see what’s new!  Just click on the image for more information and to purchase.


679-ModShapeAbstract-700series 680-Rings-700series  678-FunnyNumbers-700series

674-IslandicHouses-700series  676-RadioCityMusicHall-700series  671-GlassBallSkyscrapers-700series

673-HepCats-700series 670-HorseBar-700series 668-AbstractSquares-700series



Note Cards
681nc-LoveYouAlways-700series 682nc-Sunflower-700series 672nc-HaveAWonderfulDay 




Remember, shipping is FREE on 12×15 and 13×19 size regular and laminated posters as well as note cards, CDs, DVDs and MP3s!

Thanks for visiting My Generation and please share our new website with family, friends and co-workers!  We appreciate your business.


Happy Shopping!

My Generation



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