Vintage Drag Racing NHRA DVD – Nationals 1968 & 69, Niagara Dragway Dragway Park


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Vintage Drag Racing DVD!

NHRA Nationals ’68 &’69, Niagara Dragway & Dragway Park Cayuga!

Classic 1960’s drag racing footage from old 8 mm home movies.  Footage taken at the NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis, back in 1968 & 1969, plus footage from Niagara Dragway 1967, and Dragway Park Cayuga in the early 1970’s.

On this historic DVD, you will see such cars as fuel and gas dragsters, early funny cars, gassers, altered, stockers, and more. Names such as Sox & Martin, Dick Landy, Ohio George, The Rod Shop, Al Maynard, Gabby Young, Paul Day, Bill Jenkins, Bruce Larson, Hubert Platt, John Mazmanian, Bill Kydd, Don Prudhomme, Haaiian, Barrie Poole, Jack Ditmar, Willy Borsch, Don Garlits, and so much more.

Also, there is bonus footage taken in 1967 at Niagara Dragway, featuring the famous crash of the Hurst Hairy Olds, footage of Tommy Ivo’s Wagonmaster, the L.A. Dart wheelstander, plus funny cars, dragsters, stockers, gassers, and a lot more.

Also added is footage taken at Dragway Park, Cayuga, Canada.  This footage features dragsters, funny cars, stockers, and more.  Big names appearing include Gary Beck, Jungle Jim, Barry Setzer, Tommy IVo, Trojan Horse, Fireball, Custom Body Enterprise, and more!

Just over 1 hour in length.

The golden days of drag racing!