Historic CD-The Beatles Live in Vancouver Canada 1964-Beatlemania Live In Person



Product Description

The Beatles Live in Vancouver.  Beatlemania as it happened, recorded for posterity!  The Beatles came to Vancouver, BC, Canada in the summer of 1964 and took the city by storm.  They played at Empire Stadium and the fans have never gotten over it!

On this historic CD, you get to listen to several live reports from a local radio station, as the Beatles arrive in Vancouver and are ushered through town by the police.  You then hear the Beatles entire press conference that was held before the concert at Empire Stadium.  Later, you hear live reports from the radio station on-air staff from the concert.  Finally, you hear the entire concert, from start to finish, taken from the stadium’s PA system mixing board.  Now, if you listen carefully to the song “Things We Said Today“, you can even hear Paul McCartney forget some of the words, making up new words as he goes along, knowing that the audience wouldn’t hear it or notice anyway!  Fascinating!

You always hear about the phenomenon known as Beatlemania.  Here is your chance to experience it for yourself, just as it happened.  “It’s just like being there!”

The historic CD is 79 minutes in length.