CKLW Radio Station Aircheck-24 hour MP3-Dec 31 1973


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CKLW “The Big 8” radio station, based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada across the river from Detroit.  In its day, CKLW was among the most powerful and influential radio stations in North America and was the subject of the documentary feature film “Radio Revolution – The Rise and Fall of the Big Eight”.

On this disc you get a staggering 24 hours of nothing but CKLW.  Yes, this MP3 is that long!  The original broadcast was December 31, 1973.  Music, commercials, newscast, everything, just as it was broadcast that day.  Great sound quality, as this was recorded from the radio station’s original logger tapes.  It is an incredible time capsule and well worth the price.

If you remember CKLW, you won’t regret buying this MP3.  Perhaps you can’t go back to the past, but this is pretty darn close!