My Generation Shop – June Is Busting Out All Over! And So is My Generation!

My Generation Shop – June Is Busting Out All Over! And So is My Generation!


This week at My Generation Shop we have a handful of new posters available on our website.  Also, just a reminder that our Dad’s Day sale is in full swing – just enter the code dad20 at checkout to receive 20% off your order!  And for something completely different… a poster!  That’s right – win a fabulous free poster – see details below.  So you see, June really is busting out all over!  Have a look…

New Posters
image  ConeyIslandRocketFramed700Series

965-YummyPeanutButter1952-700series  YummyPeanutButterFramed700Series

967-DynamicSpeedCenter-700series   DynamicSpeedCenterFramed700Series

968-BuddyLtrucks-700series  BuddyLTrucksFramed700Series

image  HobbyHouseFrfamed700Series



Dad’s Day June 19th!
Just a reminder that you can get a great gift for Dad on our website.  How about a Hot Rodder’s Scrapbook; great drag racing DVDs; amazing music posters; fun slot car posters; or some amusement park posters – all from Dad’s generation!  Click on the image for more info and to purchase.  Show Dad you know what he likes!

001BK-HotRoddersScrapbook   05DVD-DragRacingDetroit-700series

01DVD-VintageDragRacing67-70 - Copy   02DVD-VintageDragRacing67-72 - Copy

177-BeatlesToronto  332-MotownDetroit

442-WildOnesSlotCars   479-CoxSlotCars1965

028-ConeyIsland  588-CrystalBeach1940s



Win This Poster!
750ChuckBerry-700series   ChuckBerryFramed700

If you hear a tune by this artist during the Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show this Sunday night, June 12th, send us an email telling us the name of the song that you heard and you’ll be entered to win this poster!  The email must be sent to us by Saturday, June 18th.  Winner will be announced on Sunday, June 19th on Treasure Island Oldies Live radio show and also on our Blog.  Good luck!”



Treasure Island Oldies
Stop by Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show on Sunday nights from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am (eastern time) and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (pacific time).  You’ll hear lost treasures and one hit wonders that you just can’t hear on the radio anymore.  Host Michael Godin puts on a super fun show with lots of extras.  Join in the chat room for fun while you listen.  Call in requests, register your vote in the Voice Your Choice segment of the show.  It’s an all around great time every Sunday night “LIVE” at Treasure Island Oldies!  And be sure to listen on Sunday, June 19th to the Live Father’s Day Special.  Michael will be playing all songs having to do with “Dad”.  As proud sponsors of the show, we hope to see you there and be sure to listen tomorrow night (June 12th) for a chance to win the Chuck Berry poster!  See you on the Island!



That’s about all for this time.  Have a great week and please share us with family and friends!


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