January Sale and New Items at My Generation Shop!

January Sale and New Items at My Generation Shop!



It’s mid-January and it’s still cold, it’s snowy, it’s frigid, and it’s a GOOD THING we have a January Sale going on!  Shop all month long at MY GENERATION SHOP and get 20% off your shopping cart contents!  WOW!  That’s a great sale!  Yep, everything in your shopping cart will be marked down by 20% at check out!  Just use code: January20 on the checkout page.  Simple!

We do all of our shipping every Wednesday so take advantage of our JANUARY SALE now!


We’ve been busy creating new items for you so please have a look….

1256-NHRAspringnationals1967-700series   NHRASpringNationalsFramed700Series

1257-ImperialOilHockeyBroadcast1941-700series   ImperialOilHockeyFramed700Series

1237-FramBillJenkins-700series   FramBillJenkinsFramed700Series

1242-TenYearsAfter-700series   TenYearsAfterConcertFramed700Series

1243-Expo67Pavilions-700series   Expo67PavilionsFramed700Series

1249-Cal-NevaDragRaces1958-700series   CAL-NEVADragRaces58Framed700Series



Note Cards
WordsCannotEspressoNoteCardsFramed700Series   WordsCannotEspressoNoteCardsInsideFramed700Series



You can also shop at our Etsy store and our eBay store.  When you purchase through our Etsy store you will receive a 20% off coupon on your next purchase.  Our eBay store is always running great sales so check that out as well to see the current promotion.


Have a great weekend and a great week!

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