Get Your Holiday Cards Here!  Lots To Choose From!

Get Your Holiday Cards Here! Lots To Choose From!


We have lots of holiday cards to choose from this season.  So many wonderful designs and perfect to send to family, friends and co-workers this holiday season.  All of our cards come in a box of 10 with envelopes and measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.  Cards are printed on recycled enviro card stock.  Have a look…


Fun Holiday Cards
image  image







SantaIsComingSeasonalFramed700Series  FaLaLaLaLaNotes700Series







HappyHolidayElfFramed700Series  RedNoseReindeerNotesFramed700Series







ReindeerNamesNotesFramed700Series  ReindeerNamesOrnamentsNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidayElfShoesFramed700Series  JingleAllTheWayNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidaysPenguinNotesFramed700Series  HappyHolidayOrnamentNotesFramed700Series







Let It SnowCardFramed700Series  HappyHolidaySanta700Series







BabyItsColdOutsideNotesFramed700Series  SnowSnowSnowNotesFramed700Series







HappyHolidaysStockingsNotesFramed700Series  HappyHOlidaysCatNotesFramed700Series












Vintage Style Seasonal Cards
RetroOrnamentCardsFrame700Series  HoHoHoCardsFramed700Series







image  HolidayShoppingCardsFramed700Series







ChristmasCocktailsCardsFramed700Series  TisTheSeasonCardsFramed700Series
















SantaDanceCardsFramed700Series  ChristmasMagicNotesFramed700Series











Traditional Style Holiday Cards
HangingOrnamentsFramed700Series  MerryLittleChristmasCardFramed700Series







MerryAndBrightSeasonalFramed700Series  BelieveSeasonalFramed700Series







LittleBirdNotesFramed700Series  GloriaNotesFramed700Series







MerryChristmasTreesNotesFramed700Series  HolidayStockingGifts700Series


















It’s not too early to stock up on your holiday greeting cards!  And we’ll have them delivered right to your door!  One less holiday errand you’ll need to run.
Ordering from My Generation Shop is easy and fast.  You can order online through our checkout page or call us at 519-621-0007 to place your order over the phone.  We’ll be sure you get a painless ordering experience!

If you have any questions about our holiday cards or anything on our website, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll respond to you right away.

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