Autumn Is Here!  And We Have New Stock!

Autumn Is Here! And We Have New Stock!


Autumn is here and we have several new items in stock this week.  But first, don’t forget the sale going on NOW thru the end of September!  Get 10% off the contents of your shopping cart when you use the code: shop10.  Here’s a preview of what’s new…


image  image







1144-AstronautsDeuceRoadsters-700series  AstronautsDeuceRoadstersFramed700Series










Note Cards











Seasonal Cards
HalloweenCardSetFramed700Series  HalloweenCardInsideFramed700Series







BeginningToLookLikeChristmasCardFramed700Series  BeginningToLookLikeChristmasCardInsideFramed700Series







image  image










Video of the Week


Get our Badfinger poster!
645-BadfingerTorontoPoster-700Series  BadfingerFramed700Series











Treasure Island Oldies
We are excited to let you know that Treasure Island Oldies is back on the air tomorrow night!  Visit their website and follow the instructions to listen to the show!  You can hear it “live” Sunday, September 25, starting at 9:00 pm (Eastern) and 6:00 pm (Pacific).  We proudly sponsor Treasure Island Oldies and can’t wait to listen to the “live” show again!  Michael Godin has worked super hard to get things back up and running again with a new network.  We’re so excited!  Be sure to join in the fun in the chat room while you listen to the lost treasures that you just can’t hear on the radio any longer.  See you on the island!


That’s about all for this time.  Have a great week, enjoy these first few weeks of Fall.  One of our favorite seasons!


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