My Generation – The Creative Bug Has Bitten – Lots of New Posters & Stuff!


I guess it’s true that the creativity bug strikes at any given time.  Well, this past week it struck us and we have put together lots of new posters, a new DVD and some new postcards for drag racing nuts and also for kids!  We have new music posters, new nostalgia posters, new classic posters, and so much more!  Also, be sure to check out our “50% Off Poster” this week.  Have a look…

906-ChubbyCheckerBobbyRydell-700series  905-RochesterCarbs-700series

image  image

image  883-FrankSinatra-700series

884-ModelTPickupRod-700series    886-MyersLakeFishingHole-700series

880-PeterPaul&Mary-700series  877-Frankie&Annette-700series


NEW! Drag Racing Post Cards!
A set of 5 Fram Filter Series Post Cards


New! Drag Racing DVD!
Early 1970’s Street Rod DVD


Little Ones Postcards For Kids!
2 new postcard sets – 6 cards in each set – just for kids!
882PC-GoodLuckPostCard700Series  881PC-HaveAPurrrfectDayPostCard700Series


This Week’s Poster Sale – 50% Off This Week Only!



Treasure Island Oldies
Tomorrow night is the big 19th Anniversary Special on Treasure Island Oldies!  We’re so excited and looking forward to what host Michael Godin has planned on his weekly 4 hour internet radio show.  If you love the oldies and lost treasures, this is the place to be on Sunday nights!  Tune in to hear songs that you just can’t hear on the radio anymore.  It’s 4 hours packed with amazing oldies.  Call in and make requests and take part in the online chat room too!  Fondly called “the nuts in the hut”, the chat room is a fun place to be while you listen to the show – lots of discussion and fun going on!  We proudly sponsor Treasure Island Oldies and hope you’ll join in the fun!  The show airs every Sunday night from 9 pm to 1 AM Eastern time (6 pm to 10 pm Pacific time).  Come on in and listen!



That’s about it for this time.  Have a great week!

My Generation




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My Generation – Buy One Get One Poster Special & More…


Hello Everyone!

It’s Spring!  We love Spring here in Canada and because Spring makes us feel happy, we are happy to have this great “special” going on this week!  *Buy One Get One Free!  Buy any size poster at the regular price and receive a 12×15 size poster of your choice FREE!  Just put the 12×15 size poster you want in the cart along with your other poster(s) and enter the code: bogo1 to get it FREE!  This special is on NOW through April 30th.

*Special excludes CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, books, and note cards.


There’s lots more going on this week.  New posters, new Little Ones, and a new Poster Special!  Have a look…

image   871-RusskitCarerra-700series

image   image




Little Ones
870-Inchworm-700series   InchwormFramed700Series

These Little Ones poster prints look so darn cute framed I just had to show it here!



New Little Ones Post Cards for Kids
873PC-LadyBugPostCards700Series   874-TruckPostCards2700Series

875-HappyKidsPostCards700Series  BackOfPostCards700Series
These new post cards for kids come in a set of 6 with 3 different designs (only 1 design per set shown here).  These post cards are a great way to introduce young kids to sending greetings to loved ones  The back of each post card is the same and they are ready to send!



Poster Special
This week our Poster Special is  the Bill Haley & The Comets Shake, Rattle & Roll poster!  Get this poster this week only at 50% off!


Treasure Island Oldies
We are really looking forward to the Treasure Island Oldies 19th Anniversary Special on Sunday, May 1st.  We love the oldies and there is no better place to find lost treasures than on Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show hosted by Michael Godin.  Michael broadcasts a live 4 hour program every Sunday night.  He takes requests, has a Voice Your Choice contest, Top Ten Count Down, and so much more.  You can listen to the oldies every Sunday night from 9pm to 1am Eastern time (6pm to 10 pm Pacific time).  As a proud sponsor of the show, we encourage you to listen and join the chat room every Sunday.  Hear great oldies and have some fun!


That’s about all for now.  Have a great week!

My Generation



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My Generation – Lots of New Stock and a Poster Special!


Hello Everyone!

It’s been a hectic week but a good week as well.  There were a few technical difficulties but all is worked out now and we have lots of new stock this week! Have a look…

847-RecordShop-700series  848-JohnnyBurnette-700series

image  852-Cablevision1970s-700series

853Betamax-700series  867-RotaryDialPhone-700series

860-GrumpyCat700Series  854-Dice-700series

858-OldCashRegisterKeys-700series  849-Chevrolet1955-700series




Note Cards
864nc-GumpyCatNoteCards700Series  866nc-MaryMaryQuiteContraryNoteCards700Series

865nc-GloriaNoteCards700SeriesThis is a really cute Seasonal set of holiday note cards!



Lots of new Little Ones posters!  (I’ll show them framed too just because they’re so cute!)
855-HappyIsBeautiful700Series  HappinessIsBeautifulFramed700Series

856-LittleAngelFairy700Series  LittleAngelFairyFramed700SeriesYou can order this personalized as well!

859-ColorfulBicycles700Series  ColorfulBicyclesFramed700Series

861-SailBoat700Series  SailBoatFramed700Series

862-AlphabetScramble700Series  AlphabetScrambleFramed700Series

863-RubberDuckies700Series  RubberDuckiesFramed700SeriesA fun poster for the bathroom too!

There are so many more so visit the Little Ones category to see everything!


Poster Special
This week we have a poster special – Sam The Sham & the Pharoahs poster will be on-sale this week only for 50% off!  There will be poster specials throughout the coming months so be sure to visit often!



Treasure Island Oldies
As a proud sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies internet oldies radio program, we invite you to listen to the broadcast every Sunday night from 9pm to 1am Eastern time and 6pm to 10pm Pacific time.  Host Michael Godin plays so many lost treasures that you just can’t hear on the radio anymore.  It truly is a fantastic evening of tunes that you haven’t heard in years!  On Sunday, May 1st, Treasure Island oldies will celebrate their 19th Anniversary!  Join listeners from all around the globe and celebrate the 19th Anniversary Special with
Treasure Island Oldies.  We look forward to oldies music every Sunday night and we know you will too so join us!


Well, that’s about all for this time.  Please Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Pinterest.  facebook3[1]  pinterest

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!


My Generation




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My Generation – Neat Stuff This Week!


Hello Everyone!

Since the weather is still in “winter” mode, we have been stuck inside and have been quite creative!  We have a couple of new music posters and a new advertising poster to share with you. All are available now on our website.  Have a look:

image 830-JoyCycles-700series834-LittleWalterBlues-700series


Little Ones Poster Prints
We also have a few new Little Ones posters which look so cute framed in the nursery!
829-Spring-700series     Spring!Framed700

833-Submarine700Series  SubmarineFramed700



Sale Ends Tomorrow!
Just a reminder that today is the last day to get the “Hot Rodder’s Scrapbook” on-sale!  Purchase it today and get 10% off your purchase!


Special Offer!
This week we have a great special offer:  Purchase either one of the posters here and receive a free set of matching note cards!  A great deal!
286-TomTerrific 286nc-TomTerrificNoteCards-700series
548-WileECoyote 548NC-WileECoyoteNoteCards
All you need to do is purchase either of these posters and the note cards will be sent along with your poster!  THIS WEEK ONLY!


My Generation Contest Coming Soon…
Stay tuned for an exciting upcoming contest!  My Generation is giving away a “My Generation Gift Card” so be sure to check back for contest information which will be announced soon!


Treasure Island Oldies
We had a great time on the Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show last Sunday night!  So many great “one-hit-wonders” were played.  We always hear songs we either had forgotten about or have never heard before!  It’s really amazing how many “lost treasures” are out there.  And Michael Godin plays them all!  Join Michael and his “Nuts in the Hut” chat room every Sunday night from 9 pm to 1 am Eastern time and
6 pm to 10 pm Pacific time.  The next special will be the “19th Anniversary Celebration of Treasure Island Oldies” and the party will be Live Sunday, May 1st so be sure to tune in!  We’re proud to be a sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies and we know once you listen, you’ll love it as much as we do!


That’s about it for this time.  Have a great week and be sure to share our site with family and friends, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest!
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My Generation – New This Week!



Hello Everyone,

This week we have a few new posters to share with you.  Advertising, music, slot car and nostalgia posters!  Have a look…

818-GeneAutry-700series  826-VintageStyleSlotCarRacing-700series

image  image


These posters look great framed too:
GeneAutryFramed700  vintageStyleSlotCarRacingFramed700

BeachBoysSacramentoFramed700  HoganPontiacGTOFramed700



Hot Rodder’s Scrapbook On-Sale!
For all the hot rod, custom car, and drag racing enthusiasts out there, my husband’s book “Hot Rodder’s Scrapbook” is available on our website.  This limited edition book is a compilation of the best stories from his popular column in Old Autos, Canada’s leading vintage automotive publication.  Great stories and tons of photographs.  This book makes the perfect gift for the old car lover in your life!  The book is on-sale this week.  Take 10% off the book price by entering the code: hotrod10 at checkout.  All purchases will be signed by the author!  Click on the image for more information and to purchase.




Treasure Island Oldies One Hit Wonder Special!
Tune in to Treasure Island Oldies this Sunday night, April 3rd, for the popular annual One Hit Wonder special!  Join host Michael Godin tomorrow night as he plays the hits that made it to the Top 100 charts just once.  As Michael says “you’ll be amazed by just how many hits there are!”  You can listen to Treasure Island Oldies online on Sundays from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am Eastern time (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific time).  It’s a fun show and loaded with so many songs that you just never hear on the radio anymore.  A great stroll down memory lane!  My Generation is proud to be the show’s sponsor and we know that once you tune in, you’ll love it as much as we do!


That’s all for this week.  We hope you have a great week and for those of you with warm weather – enjoy!

My Generation, Inc.




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