My Generation – Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Easter!  To celebrate Easter here at My Generation, please take 10% off your order now through April 1st!  Just use the code: happyeaster10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order!  Happy Easter from My Generation!

We have lots of new things to show you this week.  Some new posters, new note cards and lots of new Little Ones posters.  Have a look…

image  810-MohawkDragStrip1967-700series



Note Cards
We are offering a new series of sports related note cards.  Most teams are available.  More to be added soon!
815nc-CincinnatiBengalsNoteCards-700series  814nc-BuffaloBillsNoteCards-700series

Miscellaneous and Seasonal Note Cards

811nc-ThinkingOfYouNoteCards-700series  808nc-HappyHolidaysSnowmenNoteCard-700series


Little Ones Posters
812-HappyPandas-700series  807-SpringtimeOwls-700series

804-Eyeballs-700series  803-CoutningSheep-700series

802-AnimalSquares-700series  image

image  800-PolarBear-700series


CDs & Radio Air Checks
We have some wonderful music CDs and radio air checks available on our website.  Have a look:

011CD-AlanFreedRock&RollShow   012CD-Swingin'OnTheStrip

007CD-1050CHUMBrianSkinner 006CD-1050CHUMJackArmstrong

002MP3-CKLW24HrAircheck   001MP3-CKLW12HRAircheck

005CD-BeatlesLiveInTokyo  004CD-BeatlesLiveinVancouver


Treasure Island Oldies
Remember to listen to Treasure Island Oldies Live on Sunday nights at 9:00 pm eastern (6:00 pm pacific).  The popular special, “The One Hit Wonders” will be live on Sunday, April 3rd.  It’s amazing how many big hits there were but with only a one-time appearance by the artist or group on the charts.  Listen on Sunday, April 3rd to the One Hit Wonders special and see how many of the hits you remember!  My Generation Shop proudly sponsors Treasure Island Oldies.  We love it and we know you will love it too!


That’s it for this week.  We wish everyone a very Happy Easter and a great week ahead.


My Generation Shop, Inc.




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My Generation – Spring Is Here & We Have New Stock!

Hello Everyone,

It’s Spring!  Well, as of tomorrow!  And with a new season we have new stock on the website with lots more to come.  There are several new posters that were added this week along with new holiday note cards and a selection of new posters for our “Little Ones” category.  Have a look:

790-Rifleman-700series  791-AMT32FordRoadster-700series

792-Chicago1934WorldsFair-700series  793-TarzanGoesToIndia-700series

794-Vertigo-700series  801-Pussywillows-700series


Note Cards

Little Ones Posters
796-LittleTurtle-700series  797-GiraffesPalm-700series

799-MonkeyPalm-700series  798-LionPalm-700series


Vintage Drag Racing DVDs
For all you hot rods, custom cars and vintage drag racing enthusiasts, we have a nice collection of DVDs – just click on an image for more info.
010DVD-Milan90-700series  09DVD-Milan89-700series

08DVD-Milan88-700series  07DVD-CustomCarShow1997-700Series

05DVD-DragRacingDetroit-700series  04DVD-MilanNostalgiaDrag3DVDset

02DVD-VintageDragRacing67-72 - Copy  01DVD-VintageDragRacing67-70 - Copy

03DVD-GrandBend64-69&1990 - Copy  06DVD-IndyNHRAnationals-700series


Remember to listen Sunday nights to Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show, “the home of lost treasures”!   Treasure Island Oldies is broadcast on Sundays nights at 9:00 pm Eastern time and 6:00 pm Pacific time.  Visit Treasure Island Oldies for great music treasures from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Please visit and like us on Facebook  and check us out on Pinterest!

That’s about all for this week.  We hope you have a wonderful first week of spring!  Thanks for visiting and please share our website with family and friends.


My Generation, Inc.



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My Generation – New Sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies!

Hello Everyone,


We are very proud to announce that we are the sponsor of Treasure Island Oldies internet radio show based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The show is broadcast live every Sunday evening from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am eastern time and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm pacific time.  Please join our good friend and host, Michael Godin, as he broadcasts the best in rock and roll oldies.  Treasure Island Oldies, the home of lost treasures!


New This Week
This week we added a new category to our website – “Little Ones”.  Little Ones will showcase posters for a child’s room, a nursery, personalized posters, newborn memento posters and more.  Any of these posters look fabulous when matted and framed and they make perfect gifts!  Great mementos too.  Here are just a few of the new “Little Ones” posters:
789-BaaBaaBlackSheep-700series  785-Unicorn-700series

782-ABCwhale-700series  Pers04-NewBabyBlueTree-700series

754-DinosaurPersonalized-700series 788-TwinkleTwinkle-700series

There are more posters on the “Little Ones” page and many more to come so if you’re interested in great gifts for new parents, children, personalized posters or just outfitting a child’s room or nursery, please visit often.  We’re sure you’ll find something you like!


New Posters
This week we also have a few new posters from the music, nostalgia, miscellaneous and advertising categories. They all look fabulous when framed and on the wall!  Have a look….
image  780-GreenAcres-700series

781-SummerSong-700series  image

image  778-VegetableCrateLables-700series


New Note Cards
And finally, we have several new Note Cards to show you.  All of our note cards come in a set of 6, are blank inside, and come with envelopes.  They make great gifts and are just all around fun and quirky to use when you need to write a card, note, or send wishes to someone.  There are many more on the website and we will be adding new ones this coming week so please visit often!  Have a look…
477nc-BeatlesSheaStadium1966NoteCards-700series  609nc-HotRodGangNoteCards-700series

710nc-Davey&GoliathNoteCards-700series  286nc-TomTerrificNoteCards-700series

713nc-Gumby&PokeyNoteCards-700series  777nc-OneDollarBillNoteCard-700series

421nc-MoondanceNoteCard-700series  776nc-RemembranceNotCards-700series


Well, that’s about all this time. Be sure to visit Treasure Island Oldies Sunday night for wonderful lost treasures! Have a great week and please share our website with family, friends and co-workers.  Hundreds of posters, millions of memories!


My Generation


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My Generation – Is it Spring Yet? – No But We Have New Posters!


Hi Everyone,

It’s almost Spring!  Kind of hard to believe just after a major snow storm here in Ontario but we’re inside keeping busy creating new posters!  We have lots of new prints now available on our website.  Have a look!  Just click on the image for more information…

image  image

image  767-HeartsPrism-700series

766-GroovyPinwheel-700series  765-HillStreamliner-700series

Pers04-NewBabyBlueTree-700series  764-TonyDowGoKart-700series

763-TheThing-700series  762-FrontenacSix-700series


Note Cards
769nc-ThankYouNoteCards-700series  768nc-RibbonFlowersNoteCard-700series


Winner, Winner, Winner!

Peter C. has won the Beatles Live in Tokyo 1966 CD.  Congratulations, Peter!  Just by posting a comment on the Blog telling us which Beatles CD he would like and his favorite Beatle’s tune, Peter won the CD!  We will have more fun “Give-Aways” soon so be sure to visit us often!  The Beatles CDs are available on the website for $15.95 each which includes FREE SHIPPING!  To see all of our CDs just click here!


That’s it for this week.  Thanks for visiting!  We are already working on several neat new items which will be available on the website very soon!  Have a great week!

Later Gators,
My Generation


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