My Generation – Happy Valentine’s Day Sale!  20% off Your Purchase!


Valentine’s Day Sale!

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and we are pleased to offer everyone our Valentine’s Day Sale!  Get 20% off your purchase price now through February 14.  Just enter the code: sweetheart20 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase!




Valentine’s Day is a fun time of year and we have several products available with “love” and “hearts” involved in them somewhere!  They make great gifts for Valentine’s Day!  Here are a few of them:
681nc-LoveYouAlways-700series 672nc-HaveAWonderfulDay656-TrueLove-700series
578-KissMeGoodnight572-AlphabetBeach 563-Me&You



We have a slew of new posters on the website! There’s something for everyone!  You can always see our newest posters on the slider on our home page.  Be sure to check them out!  Here are some of the new additions:

702-PianoKeys-700series 704-OrientExpress-700series 693-CasablancaCast-700series

694-ThunderbirdJr-700series 692-GrandBend1960s-700series 696-MasseyHallToronto-700series

690-VintageHandTools-700series 689-Fairlane - 700series 705-SaubleBeach-700series

701-HorseBridle&Reins-700series 695-AYearFromNow-700series 700DeuceCope-700series



CFTJ 960 AM Radio Aircheck Now Available
For those of you who love oldies music and those of you from the Cambridge, Ontario area who remember Cruise Nights at the A&W, we have the music from those cruise nights just as it was broadcast on CFTJ 960 AM radio in 1985.  It’s a great MP3 disc that gives you 2 1/2 hours of listening pleasure!  Just like being there!


That’s about it for this week.  Have a good weekend and be sure to take advantage of our Valentine’s Day Sale – get something fun and unique for someone special!


All for now,

My Generation



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My Generation – More Inventory Added This Week!

After a really busy week, we’ve added more inventory this morning to the website!  A couple new sets of note cards are now available and some more interesting posters are also now listed on our website.  My husband has also added three new drag racing DVD’s for all those nostalgic drag racing enthusiasts out there!  Have a look and remember to keep visiting as we are constantly adding new stock each week.  Just click on the image for more information and to purchase.

Note Cards
688nc-SwingingLondonNotCards-700series  687nc-TeddyBearNotCards-700series


686-HotAirBalloon-700series  685-NavyCorvairAircraft-700series

684-PontiacGTO-700series  683-1950sCarInterior-700series


08DVD-Milan88-700series  09DVD-Milan89-700series  010DVD-Milan90-700series


Enjoy browsing around and please feel free to let us know if you are looking for anything specific that perhaps we can create for you!


Have a good week!

My Generation


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My Generation – New Posters! New Note Cards! New DVD!

It’s the middle of January and it feels like the middle of January, at least here in Ontario!  My Generation has been busy adding new inventory to the website and we thought you would like to see what’s new!  Just click on the image for more information and to purchase.


679-ModShapeAbstract-700series 680-Rings-700series  678-FunnyNumbers-700series

674-IslandicHouses-700series  676-RadioCityMusicHall-700series  671-GlassBallSkyscrapers-700series

673-HepCats-700series 670-HorseBar-700series 668-AbstractSquares-700series



Note Cards
681nc-LoveYouAlways-700series 682nc-Sunflower-700series 672nc-HaveAWonderfulDay 




Remember, shipping is FREE on 12×15 and 13×19 size regular and laminated posters as well as note cards, CDs, DVDs and MP3s!

Thanks for visiting My Generation and please share our new website with family, friends and co-workers!  We appreciate your business.


Happy Shopping!

My Generation



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My Generation – There’s New Stock!

My Generation has added a handful of new stock to the website this week.  Just click on any image for more information and to purchase.  We offer FREE SHIPPING on all  12×15 and 13×19 size posters as well as CDs, DVDs, MP3s and Note Cards.  Any of our products make great gifts too so start shopping!

666-BirchTrees-700series 665-AustinHealey-700series

image image

659-ChevroletNomad1955-700series 658-PawPrints-700series

657-MarineLife-700series 656-TrueLove-700series



Note Cards
662nc-MozartNoteCard-700series 663nc-SewingMachine-700series

My Generation, Inc.  appreciates your business and we thank you so much for visiting our new website.  Please share this site with family, friends and co-workers.  There is something here for everyone!


All for now,

My Generation





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New Features and Items at My Generation!

After the first few days of our new website, we have been very busy with all the new features now being offered.  We want everyone to know that all of our posters are now available in various sizes.  In addition to the 12×15 and 13×19 sizes from earlier, we now offer 18×24 and 24×32 sizes.  All of our smaller size posters are now available  laminated!  This was something that many customers always asked about.  For just a few dollars more, you can order a laminated poster.  Laminated posters can make great placemats for a fun dinner party or for children or just for a fun table setting.

Another new addition to our website is our Note Cards.  Our note cards come in sets of 6 with envelopes.  Notecards are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.  They are all blank inside making them great for any occasion – greetings, thank-you notes, holidays, birthdays, etc.



We also have some great new “classic” posters from sci-fi movies, drive-in movies, travel posters, etc.  They make wonderful additions to your wall décor when matted and framed and they are also perfect for dorm rooms, offices, rec rooms, etc.  A great gift for anyone as well!



We have had many requests for custom-made children’s posters so we are adding designs to this category as well.   There are also new miscellaneous posters with many more to come!

653-AnimalGrassChildsName - 700series651-YouAreAmazing-700series


Another new feature of My Generation is FREE SHIPPING of smaller size posters (12×15, 13×19)!

We have lots and lots of posters still waiting to be added to the website so if you visit often, you will see something new each time!

Have a great weekend and come back soon!

My Generation


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Welcome to the New My Generation Website


Finally, after several months in preparation, we have the new My Generation website!  Yay!  Over the next several days, we will be adding tons of new product!  So, we welcome you to come back, visit often and check out everything that we’ve been doing to present great products to you!

You will notice we have a new category of “classic” posters and also some new “note cards” that go along with some of the poster images.  We also have some music CDs and new drag racing DVDs which we know will be popular with our customers.  More of these products are on the way so visit often!

We still have all of our great posters that were available on the previous website as well as custom-made posters.

For businesses, we offer a great wholesale program from My Generation.  Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Once again, welcome to My Generation and we hope you enjoy browsing our new site!  There’s lots more to come…

Happy shopping,

My Generation

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